bill bryson"I am so proud to have been your first "official" client. I can't thank you enough for looking after me with such kindness and skill. You've certainly got a magic touch. I haven't had a twinge of pain in my knee since you treated it - and I never expected to be able to say that. Thank you a million times over..."

Bill Bryson (Author, Chancellor of Durham University, June 2008)


"Two and a half weeks before the National Duathlon Championships I was involved in a bike accident which resulted in instability to my hip. I thought my chances of competing were over as I could not run without severe pain. However, Neil worked absolute miracles, diagnosing the problem and setting an intense rehabilitation program. Not only was his knowledge and skills in the 3 intense sessions in the run up to the race exceptional, but he went beyond his basic job requirements, providing hugely beneficial support over the phone off his own back.
I not only raced, but I became British Champion in my age group and have qualified for the World's in September. Without Neil's help, I am confident I would not have competed and therefore I owe him great deal of gratitude for his time and effort. Thank you" - Ben, Durham


"I would like to offer to you the sincerest recommendation of the services of Neil Sleeman of Platinum Physiotherapy.

Firstly some background on me, for the past 3 ½ years I have suffered from severe and at times debilitating pain in my buttock and down my right leg, combined with episode of severe chronic back pain with sciatic pain.
In this time I have seen;

15 NHS physiotherapists, 2 Chiropractors, 3 Osteopaths, Several masseurs, 1 back surgeon – who wanted to remove my disc at the age of 30.

Just before Christmas 2010 I was struck down with another episode of severe back pain whilst working and struggled over the Christmas period with pain killers every 2 hours and tried to muddle through the days.

In early January I spoke to Neil on the phone and he took my history and he agreed to see me immediately. After talking with him it was the first time in years that I actually believed that someone I was talking to understood the problem that I had and provided me with clear a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Within 2 sessions I can say that 80% of the back pain was gone and I found myself well on my way to recovery.

Neil demonstrated throughout the process that he knew exactly what was happening and always gave clear instructions, ensuring that I did not push myself too quickly.

He would always return my calls, emails or texts in a timely fashion and gave fantastic support during the process.

Furthermore, the treatment plan that Neil has worked on with me has reduced the ongoing pain that I have had for over 3 years by around 90% and I am no longer being threatened with the need for invasive surgery.

If you are suffering with any problems similar to me, then I can not recommend Platinum Physio Therapy enough, Neil has brought my back literally back to life and I am now enjoying sport and exercise which I thought may have been lost to me forever.

The investment that you make in your health by using the services of Platinum Physiotherapy are quite literally worth every penny.

- Alan Clarke


"I would be delighted to endorse and recommend Neil's professional skills. His friendly manner and approach put me at ease with him. He always explained the treatment to be undertaken and listened carefully to what I had to say, and what I expected from the treatment" – Jean


"After several years of ever-increasing knee pain which put an end to any form of road running or high impact sports, I was initially mis-diagnosed by the physiotherapist my GP referred me to, and then passed onto an orthotist which only made the problem worse. After a chance meeting with Neil, I had an initial consultation where Neil clearly explained what the real problem was and how it could be fixed. After my first treatment, the results were instant and I was staggered by the immediate difference that I felt in my knee. I am now following Neil's treatment plan closely and plan to be back in road races very soon – I cannot recommend Neil enough and my only regret is that I didn't meet him 5 years ago when the problem first occurred!" – Robin


I wanted to thank you for your help and assistance in regard to my preparation and training toclimb Kilimanjaro. Whilst I was reasonably fit, Kili was bound to test my physical ability and I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of success. As a result of your guidance, advice and support, I was delighted to make the summit at 7.50a.m on the 20th February (having started the ascent at midnight)

Once again, many thanks, Jon Walker (Mortgage and Insurance Bureau UK)


Thank you so much for your kind care and attention. I have suffered for a long time with pains in my legs and foot and after a hip operation that was supposed to relieve the pain but made it worse, so much that I was advised to have a back operation last year, which again has caused me great pain and discomfort. I was advised by my close friends to come and see you. I protested, knowing how painful my back was, just the thought of someone touching it worried me. However I visited you and after a consultation I was doing the most amazing stretches and waking for the first time without hanging onto handrails. You are now working on my foot which although still painful is getting better by the day. You have contacted my GO and shown great care in your ongoing treatment.

- Angela Wooley


"I recently recovered from a bout of the "real flu" and although recovery was slow I was troubled with back and groin pains which lasted and no over the counter pain killers would touch. My GP gave me antibiotics and when they didn't work gave me an internal examination and took samples of everything to have tested. Still no relief, and now your mid starts to work overtime and you think of all manner of horrible things that it could be. My husband suggested that maybe it could be physical, an idea dismissed by my GP as not possible, however I was bullied into a visit to your clinic and I am so glad I did. From the minute I left your office I was feeling miles better and by the evening had an email with an exercise plan and that was followed up by a personal phone call from you. Within a few days I was a different person back to my normal self. To think of the time I had wasted, and the discomfort I had endured, when my GP could have referred me to Neil and a more accurate diagnosis would have taken place."

- Joan Davison


"Don't suffer in silence let Neil poke about

You may think you've a toe ache yet the cause may be gout!

Your doctor may ask "How are you?" when you're clearly sick of course

Whilst Neil assessed your symptoms and generally, as for me, the cause!"

- Graeme Holloway


"I recently suffered a meniscal injury to my knee which required surgery. I consulted Neil before my operation and he advised me to undergo a rigourous physiotherapy routine literally from waking up after the anaesthetic. Followed the advice to the letter and was mobilising and exercising the knee immediately after the operation and had my physio session the next day. As a result of this I was back at work after only one day's absence. I followed a strict regime as prescribed by Neil including extensive use of an exercise bike. The benefits were tremendous strength and movement returned to my knee within two weeks and I was able to undertake light gym sessions after the second week. Four weeks after the operation I was able to undertake the full gym (following Neil's strict instructions on which equipment to use). Four weeks following surgery I am able to run and exercise normally with virtually no discomfort. The surgeon who carried out the operation advised me I was likely to be off work for up to two weeks!"

– Keith Morgan, TMJ Associates


"Delivering the highest possible level of service and client satisfaction is immensely important to me as the director of Family Wills and I expect the same of all companies and personnel who I deal with. Equally I expect the same standards to be delivered to my family. My daughters both perform sport to a very high level and have both been injured over the past 18 months. They were both treated by Neil Sleeman whose knowledge, treatment and advice cured their ailments. I also want to extol not just his expertise in his field but but also his bedside manner, which is perfect for both adults and children alike; striking a wonderful balance of personal and professionalism and humour. More than that, his real unique selling point is his dedication to his clients. Neil has established relationships with consultants and surgeons to ensure that the competitors at my daughters' club receive the appropriate treatment at hospital level. This service exceeds any other physiotherapist I know."

- Leah Hamilton, Family Wills

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