What is Personal Training

Personal trainers are exercise professionals with the knowledge and experience to offer advice and guidance in the areas of exercise and fitness.   These professionals assist their clients by designing a safe and effective exercise program to help them reach personal goals. Trainers can assist with weight loss, exercise performance and improved wellness.

The Benefits
  • When you work out with me you will stay keen and motivated.
  • I will subscribe clear and effective training methods which is key to achieving your goals.
  • Programmes are tailor made to suit your individual needs, expectations and objectives whilst fitting around your personal commitments and lifestyle.
  • Fun-packed training sessions to movitate you and keep you interested.
  • Educating you on the principles of exercise and nutrition.
  • Increased self-confidence as a result of enhanced appearance and well-being.
Those who will benefit include:
  • People new to physical exercise and training:

I will help you to understand the benefits of exercise and guide you on your way to making the right lifestyle choices in order to reach your goal.

  • Sports Conditioning Training:

From running to golf, triathlons to rugby, I can adapt your programme to focus on strengthening and conditioning the areas crucial to your chosen sport. Using a combination of Strength, Power, Plyometric and Cardio Vascular Training depicted by the current season.

  • Pre & Post Natal Women:

There are different challenges associated with each trimester during pregnancy, and as such careful consideration has to be given when designing an appropriate exercise programme.

  • People with weight/health challenges

With these types of conditions, it is important to understand the needs of the individual and the challenges they may face. It is therefore crucial to implement safe and effective exercises which will still achieve the desired results, and this is something the Platinum team specialises in.

  • Sedentary workers:

Having been in a desk-based job for over ten years, I am aware of the detrimental effects this can have on your posture, fitness and general well being. A challenging but rewarding physical program outside of the office will lead to a stronger, more focused presence and approach within the office.

  • People who have limited time to exercise

For those of you who have limited time, I can conduct one 30 - 45 minute session per week and, with your commitment, you will notice a considerable change over a 4 - 6 week period. Using "compound" exercises we will work the major muscle groups for optimal effectiveness in the time frame available.


General fitness and well-being:

You do not have to belong to one of the groups above to benefit from Personal Training. We can all benefit from a structured training program, and by using a Personal Trainer this will be tailored to your individual needs and expectations.
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