Personal Training Costs

Initial Consultation and Assessment (usually 30 minutes but may take longer)

Besides achieving the results you want and reaching your chosen goal(s), this is perhaps ‘the’ most crucial part of the process. It is vital for your safety, health and wellbeing and is a pre-requisite for the packages below. Consultation and assessment contiune throughout the programme as this is key in your development and reaching your goal. This stage consists of the following: 
  • Discussion of previous medical history and current health status
  • Medical assessment including calculation of resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Optional measures including height, weight, fat composition and BMI (body mass index)
  • Flexibility testing



Duration: Typically one hour, however shorter sessions are available - please enquire within.
The sessions are designed to target three major components of fitness through the exercise programs that are specifically designed for you:-
  1. Strength – Muscular strength
  2. Stamina – Cardiovascular fitness
  3. Suppleness – Flexibility
It is the balance between these three fitness variables that will contribute to your overall health and fitness. The proportion of time spent on each of these areas will depend on your personal fitness goals.
Sports Conditioning programmes specific to individual/team sporting requirements: This type of training is applicable to those individuals who are considered healthy and want to take their fitness/training to the next level. Structured programmes incorporating strength, power, plyometrics and CV training to give full sports conditioning which is depicted by present season i.e. 'in-season', 'post-season' and 'off season'. Please contact us for more details.
Programme/Session planner: available with or without a Personal Trainer being present. Please contact us for more details.
Circuit / Group Training sessions: This is a fun and effective way of incorporating your exercise into a social setting. Please contact us for more details.
COXHOE (Active Life Gym or PPPT Studio)
  3 Session Package 6 Session Package 12 Session Package
Price/Session £38 £35 £32
Total Session £114 £210 £384

* Payment in advance required – cash or cheque accepted

MOBILE PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES - please contact us for more details 
* Payment in advance required – cash or cheque accepted
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