A unique App suitable for ALL ages and fitness levels to improve your core stability, strength, fitness and overall well being


About Platinum on the Ball

Our unique "Platinum on the Ball" app (POTB) has been developed to enable people all over the world to achieve the following goals with the help of the Swiss Ball:

  • Improved mobility

  • Improved core stability 

  • Improved strength

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Improved function

  • Prevention of back and neck pain

  • Improved quality of life and well-being

There are ONE HUNDRED individual exercises, all with specific regressions/progressions to ensure that everyone from total beginners to experienced Swiss Ballers will benefit from them.

Furthermore, there are over THIRTY "sessions" where you can follow a series of exercise combinations for specific activities (e.g., walking/running/gardening/pre and post-natal).

Please watch the example below, follow the adjacent link to the "Platinum on the Ball" app page, download the basic free version, and remember that everyone who goes on to purchase the Gold Platinum on the Ball version receives a complimentary FREE Platinum Swiss Ball Video Link class!

Available now on iPhone and Android

App Key Features

Huge Video Library

Our app boasts an extensive video library catering to users of all levels. With over 100 carefully designed exercises, targeting core strength, stability, pain prevention, and overall fitness, the library offers something for everyone.

Custom Plans

Recognising individual goals and preferences, our POTB app offers Custom Plans for tailored workout experiences. Users can create personalised routines, focusing on specific areas like core strength, back pain relief, upper body strength, or cardiovascular fitness.

Expert Support

To ensure users receive professional guidance, our POTB app provides access to a team of Swiss Ball workout experts. Available to answer questions, offer guidance, and provide personalised recommendations based on goals and fitness levels, our experts are committed to users' success.

Why You Should Download the "Platinum on the Ball" App

Start your fitness journey today and unlock the power of the Swiss Ball.

Improve your core strength, stability, and overall fitness while preventing pain with our "Platinum on the Ball" app. With over 100 exercises and customised regressions and progressions, our app suits all fitness levels. Enjoy over 30 sessions designed for activities like walking, running, gardening, and pre/post-natal fitness.

Download the free Platinum on the Ball app to see many exercises in different positions and a number of session plans and you will then receive a complimentary Platinum Swiss Ball Video Link class with the Gold subscription option.

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